Make a classic rum BBQ sauce with a twist, a unique adult recipe to make your BBQ meal unforgettable. Bring your BBQ meats to a new level of tastiness with this sweet and spicy rum BBQ sauce. You'll love the tropical, Caribbean goodness of your new cookout favorite.

– ½ cup ketchup – ½ tablespoon garlic salt or onion salt – ½ teaspoon chili flakes – ¼ cup brown sugar – 1 cup golden rum – 2 tablespoons smoke liquid, (optional) – 2 tablespoons vegetable oil


Mix all the ingredients for the sauce. It should be a thick sauce, but if it turns out too liquid (it depends on the tomato sauce you use), heat over medium heat to reduce it to desired consistency, and constantly stir to prevent it from sticking and burning.

Step 1:

Serve alongside BBQ meats, or brush on the meat before grilling to caramelize and deepen the flavors.

Step 2:

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