This pineapple and coconut limeade drink makes summer easier to survive and enjoy! What makes pineapple with coconut taste so good? Well, this is the quintessential tropical combination, and it's made even better by adding lime.

– 2 cup diced pineapple see notes – ¾ cup sugar (or more, to taste) – 4 cups coconut water – Juice of 4 limes – 2 cup ice cubes – Pineapple and limes to garnish (optional)


Strain mixture to get rid of undissolved solids. If you are making it to serve later, do this step, and continue the later steps before serving.In the blender vase, combine pineapple, and sugar. Blend until it's liquefied.

Step 1:

Add lime juice, ice cubes, and rum (if you choose to use it). Blend to crush ice to your preferred consistency. It can be made into smaller ice chunks or slushy.

Step 2:

Serve immediately. If you want to make it before guests arrive, follow the first step, and chill covered for later. Complete steps two and three when it's time to serve it.

Step 3:

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