Nutritious, creamy, refreshing, and easy to make, these strawberry and oat milk popsicles will be a hit with everyone in the family. Isn't this the perfect healthy vegan summer treat? Yes, it is. Summer, here we come!

– 1 cup steel-cut oats, (see notes) – ½ pound [250 g] of fresh strawberries – 1 tablespoon vanilla extract – ⅓ cup sugar (white, granulated), or to taste (see notes)


Blend the oats and 2 cups of water in a blender until the oats are dissolved (about 5 minutes at high speed). You can sieve to remove solids with a fine-mesh strainer.

Step 1:

Return the oat milk to the blender and add the remaining ingredients. Blend until the mixture has turned pink, leaving some small pieces of strawberry.

Step 2:

Pour into popsicle molds, add the sticks, and leave in the freezer until they set. To remove them from the mold, dip them in lukewarm water for a couple of seconds to loosen the popsicles.

Step 3:

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