This spiced winter coffee is the love child of coffee and tea: start with great ground coffee beans, mixed with great aromatic spices, and served warm topped with whipped cream.

– 5 cardamom pods, a bit crushed – 2 cinnamon sticks – 2 star anise – 1 quart water [2 liter] – ½ cup heavy cream – ⅓ cup powdered white sugar to whip the cream – 1 cup freshly-ground coffee beans – ⅓ cup brown sugar (optional, you may use your favorite sweetener, or none) – 1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder

Ingredients for spiced winter coffee:

– Strain and discard all the solids, careful not to scald yourself. In a large saucepan, combine cinnamon stickscardamom seedsstar anise and 1 quart water [2 liter]. Simmer over very low heat until the liquid has reduced to half.

Combine and simmer:

– Add powdered sugar and whisk until it forms firm peaks (2-3 mins).In the meantime, whip the heavy cream with the mixer wire attachment at medium-high speed until it forms soft peaks (1 ½ minutes).

Whip the cream:

– Let it rest for 30 seconds, then press.Add the ground coffee to the bottom of the french press, and add the boiling liquid you just strained.

Add the ground coffee:

– Serve right away with a coffee stirrer.Pour the coffee into tall glasses and add brown sugar to taste. Top with a swirl of cream, and sprinkle with cocoa.

Top with the cream:

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