This watermelon drink recipe is a refreshing, exciting, flavorful, sparkling pomegranate and watermelon juice limeade, the perfect summer drink for kids and a fancy alcohol-free cocktail for grownups too.

– 1 medium watermelon, diced: about 6 cups of diced watermelon, plus some watermelon wedges to garnish. You can use ½ quart of watermelon juice – 2 pomegranates, rind removed, and seeds separated: about 1½ cup of pomegranate seeds, – 1 cup of lime juice, you'll need 4-5 limes, depending on their size. – ½ cup sugar (white, granulated). – 3 cups of crushed ice or ice cubes. – ½ quart [½ liter] of carbonated water or club soda


Pour watermelon and pomegranate into the blender vase. Blend to crush the pomegranate seeds. Strain into a large pitcher, pressing with a spoon to squeeze as much liquid as possible. Discard the solids.


Mix the watermelon/pomegranate juice with the lime juice and add sugar (or sweetener) to taste.


Pour equal portions of the juice mixture into 6 highball glasses. Add equal amounts of ice.


Pour equal amounts of carbonated water into each glass and serve immediately (before the water goes completely flat). Garnish with watermelon wedges.


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