Dragon fruit in ginger syrup is a wonderful dragon fruit dessert that combines this beautiful tropical fruit with a hint of spiciness from the ginger in a simple but tasty dessert. And below the recipe you'll many other ways to serve and enjoy it in some easy dragon fruit recipes.

– 2 dragon fruits – 1 piece of ginger root – 4 cinnamon sticks – 12 allspice berries (malagueta) – ½ cup of brown sugar


Cut the dragon fruit into cubes or into balls using a melon baller. Be careful with splatter, the juice may leave stains.

Step 1:

Cut the ginger into very thin slices with a potato peeler or mandolin (or very sharp knife). You will only need 6 slices.

Step 2:

In a small saucepan or pot, combine ginger, cinnamon, allspice, sugar and 6 cups of water. Boil over medium temperature until the liquid has reduced to half.

Step 3:

Remove the ginger and allspice and add the dragon fruit. Simmer until the liquid has reduced to half. Remove from the stove and cool to room temperature.

Step 4:

Chill before serving (3-4 hours). You can store in the refrigerator it in a lidded jar for 3-4 days.

Step 5:

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