A cocktail made of pineapple, coconut, and rum, piña colada is possibly the world's most famous tropical drink. It is sweet, rich, deep, creamy, and everything you expect from a Caribbean paradise.

– 3 cups of diced pineapple chunks – ½ cup of white rum – 3 cups of cream of coconut, unsweetened (see notes) – 3 cups of ice cubes – ¼ cup of white, granulated sugar, or to taste – Pineapple wedges to garnish (optional)


In a blender vase, combine pineapplerumcoconut cream, and ice. Blend until thoroughly combined and the pineapple is blended. Add the sugar, and blend again to dissolve the sugar.

Step 1:

Pour equal amounts into 4 tall or hurricane glasses. Garnish each with a pineapple wedge and Moschino cherry (optional). Serve immediately.

Step 2:

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