There's nothing not to love in this easy, rich, cream of crab soup recipe. This creamy base with loads of crab flavor makes a perfect starting soup for a larger meal. This 30-minute one-pot creamy crab soup is a bit on the filling side, so portions are small. What it is not lacking in any way is flavor, which it has to spare.

– 2 tablespoons of butter (salted or unsalted butter, whatever you have) – 1 small onion minced  – 12 fresh garlic cloves, sliced – 2 red bell pepper, chopped – 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour (see notes for gluten-free options) – 2 bay leaves (optional) – 3 cups heavy cream – 3 cups of whole milk – 3 cups of vegetable broth – 2 pound [0.9 kg] of fresh lump crabmeat, clean of cartilage and shell pieces – 1 ½ teaspoon salt, (or to taste) – ¼ teaspoon freshly-cracked black pepper (or to taste) – 3 tablespoons of minced fresh parsley 


Melt butter over low heat in the pot. Cook and stir the oniongarlic, and bell peppers until they are cooked through, and the onion has turned translucent. Add the flour and whisk vigorously until all the flour has turned translucent.

Step 1:

Add the bay leaves and pour in heavy creammilk, and broth, and stir in the crabmeat. Increase temperature to medium heat. Add salt and pepper, and simmer, stirring often until the liquids turn into a creamy broth.

Step 2:

Remove from the heat and serve warm.Once the broth has thickened, and taste and season with salt and pepper to taste. Sprinkle with parsley.

Step 3:

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