Meet your new go-to summer drink! This Starbucks-inspired starfruit kiwi refresher lemonade combines juicy kiwi and tart starfruit flavors, the kind of vibrant fruity drinks to quench your thirst this summer.

– 4 star fruit, cut into small pieces, plus one extra sliced for decoration – 4 fresh kiwi, peeled, and cut into small pieces, plus one extra sliced or diced for garnishing – Juice of 2 large lemons or limes, plus lemon or lime slices to decorate – ¼ cup of sugar, or your preferred sweetener equivalent – 2 cups of sparkling water – 2 cups of ice (crushed)


In the blender vase, combine 2 cups of potable water, starfruit, and kiwi. Blend until everything is juiced. Strain the starfruit and kiwi juice into a pitcher and discard the fruit pulp. Mix in the lemon or lime juice and stir. Sweeten with sugar or sweetener to taste. Keep it in the fridge if you will not serve it right away.

Step 1:

When it's time to serve, mix in the ice and sparkling water, pour into 6 short glasses or 4 highball glasses Decorate with starfruit slices and add sliced or diced kiwi and lemon slices.

Step 2:

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