Serve this easy cheesy spinach side dish when you're short on time, but want everyone to clean up their dinner plate. Nobody will complain about eating their veggies, not with a flavorful dish of cheesy creamed spinach overflowing with cheesy flavors.

– 2 tablespoon butter, (34 grams) – 1 medium white onion, diced (95 grams) – 1 red bell pepper, diced (150 grams) – ½ tablespoon of garlic powder – 10 ounces chopped spinach, (283 grams) – ¼ cup heavy cream, (60 mililitros) – ¼ cup cream cheese, (53 grams) – 1 teaspoon of salt, or to taste – ½ teaspoon of black pepper (freshly-cracked, or ground), or to taste – ¼ cup drained ricotta cheese, crumbled (33 grams)


In a large pan heat the butter over medium-low heat, stir in the onion and bell pepper, and garlic powder and cook stirring until the onion starts to become translucent.

Step 1:

If you are using frozen spinach, squeeze the spinach in a strainer to eliminate as much water as possible liquid and add the spinach to the pan. Cook stirring until the spinach is heated through. Add the cream and cream cheese to the mixture and stir. Lower heat and simmer covered until the spinach mixture is creamy, but there is no excess liquid (about 15 minutes). Stir often while it simmers. Once the spinach is cooked through, season with salt and pepper to taste.

Step 2:

Remove from the heat. Sprinkle with the ricotta cheese and serve.

Step 3:

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