Sweeten your summer with this chilled dulce de leche no bake cheesecake recipe! with glorious dulce de leche swirls. It's easy to make and requires no cooking! The secret? Instead of eggs and a long time in the oven, as required in a traditional cheesecake, this one calls for gelatin to give the cheesecake the right consistency.

– 1 ounce [28 g] of whole-wheat graham crackers – 5 ounces [142 g] blanched almonds (see notes) – 6 tablespoons melted butter – 1 tablespoon unflavored gelatin powder – 1 cup boiling-hot water, plus ¼ cup at room temperature – 1 cup [236 ml] heavy whipping cream, divided – 16 ounces [500 g] cream cheese, room temperature – Zest from one lime – ⅓ cup condensed milk – 1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract – ¼ cup dulce de leche


Mix the crackers, almonds, and butter in a food processor and grind until it has the texture of brown sugar. Pour the graham cracker crumbs into the baking pan. Press the mix with the back of a spoon to form an even crust. If you cover the sides with the crust, make sure to line the baking pan with parchment paper. Set aside on the counter.

Step 1:

In a bowl, add room-temperature water. Whisking continuously, add the gelatin powder in a fine mist avoiding clumps. Pour the boiling water into a different bowl of the same size, put the bowl of dissolved gelatin in the bowl with boiling water, and let them rest. Discard the water in the lower bowl. Set the dissolved gelatin aside on the counter.

Step 2:

Pour the heavy cream into the mixer bowl. Whisk at high speed until it forms stiff peaks. Don't overdo it, or it'll turn into butter. Add the cream cheese, and whisk to mix. At this point, it will be a bit dry and lumpy. Add lime zest, condensed milk, and vanilla extract, and whisk at high speed until it's fluffy and smooth. Pour in the dissolved gelatin and whisk to incorporate.

Step 3:

Pour the cream cheese mixture into the pie crust, tap on the counter a couple of times to get rid of large bubbles, and level with a spatula. Pour the dulce de leche on the cream cheese mix and, using a skewer or table knife, mix and fold, making marble-like swirls.

Step 4:

Cover with plastic film or eco-friendly reusable waxed fabric (to prevent it from overdrying or getting unwanted odors in the fridge) and chill in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours or, best, overnight Once chilled thoroughly, serve.

Step 5:

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