Flourless, sugar-free, dairy-free and full of nuts, fruits, and banana these easy oat flour muffins are like a portable oatmeal breakfast. A healthy breakfast has never been as fun and tasty, even for those not so fun of oats.

– 1 cup instant oats – 3 very ripe bananas – 1 cup soy milk, or almond milk – 2 tablespoons coconut oil – ½ cup assorted nuts (see notes) – ½ cup dry fruit mix, (see notes) – ½ teaspoon baking powder – ¼ teaspoon salt – 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder


Preheat the oven to 300 ºF [150 ºC]. Pulse the oats in the food processor until it resembles a coarse flour.

Step 1:

In a bowl mash the bananas until there are no big clumps. To make the batter, add the mashed banana, soy milk, coconut oil, dry fruit, baking soda, and salt to the food processor. Pulse just enough to combine.

Step 2:

Pour the batter equally into 6 paper or silicone muffin wraps and place on a baking tray. To cook, bake for 30 mins in the preheated oven, or until a skewer inserted in the middle comes out clean. Remove from the oven.

Steps 3-4:

Cool to room temperature and sprinkle with cinnamon before serving.

Step 5:

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